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About us

Why Mimosa

I was gifted with the greatest grandmother I could ever wish for. Some of my most precious childhood memories include her and our Mimosa / Acacia tree. We spent many days talking and playing under our favorite and precious Mimosa back home in Cebadeiras, Estevais – Torre de Moncorvo in Portugal.

My dear grandmother and I had a very special bond and I remember with deep love and joy the way she cared for me; as if I was her greatest treasure.
The lessons she taught me guide me through my life; love and commitment being priority. This made me the person that I am. Just who I want to be.

My husband and I are dedicating this shop to my beautiful grandmother; the strongest yet most gentle woman in my life. Calling this project Mimosa is the only name that is fitting for this dream.
Thank you Maria Vilela for being in my life, for teaching me and, most importantly, showing me true love is unconditional.

Our story

It is our ambition to create a business that specializes in the sale of beautiful products that aren’t just unsurpassed tastes, but also radiate tales of origin and the efforts of those who tirelessly produce them.

We work to strengthen relations with our standing producers, and search for those who remain undiscovered creating food and wine products that are as unique as they are delicious. We are great believers that good and honest food and wine tell marvelous stories – the opposite does not.